André Fritz  Trainings
André Fritz at his desk•Arica 40 day intensive psychological and spiritual training
•Esalen Institute month long intensive training/workstudy program: “Structural Integration Gestalt & Psychosynthesis”
•North American School of Gestalt and Experiential Training Intensive with Paul Rebillot
• Bioenergetics trainings/workshops with David Boadella
•Trauma unwinding with Peter Levine
•Hakomi – Body centered trainings with Pat Ogden
•Process acupressure with Aminah Raheem
•Bodynamic Institute of Denmark: Psychomotor Development
•Specialized training in healing survivors of physical and sexual abuse through bodywork and body-centered therapy
•Completed P.E.E.R. Counseling Training with JohnLee including supervision
• Licensed, ordained interfaith minister with completed counseling training
•Certified Rossiter Coach

Workshops André Fritz Attended
•Institute for Relationship Therapy with Dr. Harville Hendrix
•Sterling Institute of Relationship: Men’s Weekend
• Landmark Education Programs
•Neurolinguistic Programming
•Rubenfield Synergy
•Moreno Institute of Psychodrama
• Jungian Analysis
•Neo-Reichian/Body Centered Therapy with Jack Painter
•Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof

Workshops André Fritz Facilitated
•Holotropic Breathwork
•“Death and Rebirth”
•“Intimacy Through Touch”: Couple’s workshop combining touch with emotional intimacy

“André is full of Wisdom and Compassion. I was recommended to André by my martial arts instructor in order to help me while I was training for my second degree black belt. I received my belt in January but continue to see André. Working with him has given me greater knowledge of how I carry the stresses in my life in every part of my being. The work with André has been transformational. It has helped me feel my best both physically and emotionally.”
— Lorraine Mahon

Andre' Fritz Structural integration and body centered therapy
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