happy guy on beach after Somatic TherapySomatic Therapy or Body-Centered Psychotherapy aims to treat the whole person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our emotions and behavior patterns are often related to our physical being. Structural Integration, which works with the fascia (connective tissue) and energy can elicit powerful emotional and physical transformations.

The fascia is the environment in which all of the body parts live. It wraps every muscle, bone, organ, nervous system, ligament and tendon. It is totally interconnected, and as we shall see, also a communicating medium. Every emotion expresses itself in body character structure or muscular “armor” tension. The use of physical pressure facilitates the breakthrough of feeling and the corresponding recovery of memory; release of tension and reintegration.

How we stand in the world reflects our feelings about our standing in the world. If we can change the body, we have the potential to change belief, and hence ourselves. We can rid ourselves of the emotional and physical baggage we carry around with us everyday in our lives so that we can grow and be fulfilled emotionally and physically, and perhaps spiritually as well.

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Andre' Fritz Structural integration and body centered therapy
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