Structural Integration is key in heightening body awareness, bringing balance and alignment and increasing flexibility and Maximizing Physical Potential.Maximizing Your Sports Potential

Many of us who lead a very active life have a keen sense of our bodies. As we age it becomes even more crucial to remain physically active. Structural Integration is key in heightening body awareness, as we are bringing balance and alignment to the body, maximizing movement efficiency, and increasing flexibility. When your body is aligned and balanced, and your muscles and limbs are more flexible, your body works more efficiently and you will be more coordinated, have more energy and perform with greater ease. Many of my clients who are involved in sports, whether competitive or not, report that my work has increased their flexibility and endurance, improved their mobility and coordination and enhanced their performance. Structural Integration also works to open up your breathing which helps to calm your nervous system, reduce stress and increase your energy. Athletes, dancers, students of yoga, meditation and martial arts, musicians and business people all benefit from Structural Integration, not only for relief of pain and stress, but also for improved performance in their professions and daily activities.

I started going to André ten years ago to help me keep my competitive edge in Triathlons and Ultra Marathons. I found that by going to him, my muscles lengthened and I could run faster. He also has extended my leg stride in just one visit alone. Once you start going to him, you get addicted. I have found that I’ve maintained my body by going once a month. I would recommend André, and have recommended him, to most of my athlete friends.” — Nicole Bernadette

André is one of those uncommon people who make it a point to never stop learning how to do his job better. He regularly attends seminars and takes courses to improve his professional standing as well as his understanding of the body and how it works, and he brings this knowledge to every session. In addition, he is an active athlete so he understands the body under stress, as well as injury treatment. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Louis Tharp, Swim Coach, West Point Triathlon Team

I look forward to our sessions together like a time out of time. I know I will be feeling more integrated and whole afterwards. Kind, helpful & deep experience; André gives me more power in my biking. He has become a friend.”— Andréw E.

Andre' Fritz Structural integration and body centered therapy
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