Woman doing downward dog yoga poseYoga and Structural Integration have complimentary goals; they both work toward balancing the emotional and physical well being of an individual through lengthening and integrating the body. Dr. Ida P. Rolf studied yoga and biochemistry simultaneously as she understood how the body’s structural alignment had an affect on one’s behavior and emotional well-being. She integrated the principles of Yoga into her Osteopathy practice, finding that a more balanced body eased into a more stable state of mind. Many of Andrés clients have reported that their Yoga practice has elevated to higher levels as their bodies become more integrated.

“I was referred to André by a yoga teacher who I had been practicing with for several years. This teacher, whose advice I valued, told me that André could help me work through some physical blockages that I was confronting in my practice. I have been a regular client of André for several years now and have made substantial progress on the physical aspects that André and I have been working on. As tremendously beneficial as the bodywork has been, the greatest benefit to me has been the wisdom that André has imparted. As a result, I have recommended André to some of the people that I am closest to.”
— A.J. Borresen, Managing Member, Walsh & Borresen, L.L.C.

Deep Impact

Structural Integration has the reputation of being the Ashtanga Yoga of bodywork – sometimes intense, other times painful, and not for everyone. In Linda Knittel’s article “Deep Impact” for Yoga Journal, she explores the beneficial impact Structural Integration has on yoga. Deep Impact by Linda Knittel Yoga Journal, July-August 2002 (pdf)

André caught my attention at a workshop because of the wisdom he offered the group. When I learned that he was a Rolfer I thought I’d experience ONE session to become exposed to Rolfing. Well, that ONE session became FOUR Years of ongoing work.André is my teacher and mentor. Because of his thirst for knowledge, I love how he can condense and simplify a complex topic, book or theory on pretty much any subject. I learned so much about the body/mind connection from André. Very importantly, André KNOWS Rolfing inside and out, up and down and over again. Because I tend to have high expectations, I am often disappointed. I am so very satisfied with each and every session. I was never – ever disappointed with André’s work.” — Stacy Sibona, New Jersey

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